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Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Health & Wellness Coaching at Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire.  
The Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence & Wellness Coaching, Minutes from M8 access

​​ Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire in Wishaw, Specialist in Symptom Management & Chronic Conditions, NLP & Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Depression & Stress

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     Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP

        Coaching & Self Healing


    Change your thinking! Change your Life!  

I can help you find your answer! Gaining control over your thinking & deep seated beliefs about yourself & your life!  

The Key to lasting results comes from neutralising the troublesome or out worn thoughts, feelings & patterns of behaviour.​​

Do you want to look in the mirror & love who you see?  Would you like to Know what its like to wake up feeling good & ready to take on the day? 

Let me help you DESIGN YOUR LIFE!

Increase motivation, internal drive, self belief & dedicated action

Whats stopping you?  Emotional & physical blocks can be controlled,  overcame, even eliminated!  

Whether you want to learn to love yourself as you are or create a new you, then i can help!

Change your Body!

Why not? We focus on your individual drivers, Emotions, Sugar or Chocolate addiction, Night time Binges or Secret eating, all while encouraging a desire for healthy foods. Making healthy eating effortless!


Specialist in chronic conditions.
  Control your symptoms
 No matter what your age! 

Anxiety                        Panic

Depression                 Mood Swings

Emotional Pain           Distress

Physical Pain              Nausea

Fatigue                        Eating Issues

Insomnia                     Behaviours/Habits

​​Introducing Our New Cancer Support Program


Hypnotherapy to help you put your mind & body connection to work for you!  Cancer Treatment can be difficult for you & your loved ones. Learn to relax & use the mind positively.  See how we can help you feel better during this journey.  

individual or Group Sessions in WISHAW & NEWMAINS

   Call 07900 596 952   Email stateofmind121@gmail.com

Located C/o 43 Manse Road, Newmains, Wishaw, Lanarshire, ML2 9AX


​​​​​Are you ready to SHINE? Do You Want to be more CONFIDENT? Surpass your Goals & Expectations!  Feel good about who you are & where your headed in life? Now It's time to rid yourself of those Issues that have been holding you Back!

Be Free of Anxiety, Depression & Low Self Esteem!  Ditching those Fears, Phobias, Limiting Beliefs or Past Events for good! Be AMAZING!

Be the Best Version of You!​​

Are you Ready to Be Happy? Feel Good in your own skin?


Get Lasting Results!

Here at Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire, We show you how to push your  RESTORE SETTINGS BUTTON with Hypnosis, NLP & Wellness Coaching.​


​​​​​​​​​Chronic Pain, Illness, Disease or Emotional difficulties don't have to limit your enjoyment of Life!

Many conditions are affected by emotional factors.  For example stress can heighten pain, worsen IBS, disrupt sleep or raise blood pressure.  Together we refocus your inner resources to change your thoughts & feelings about your symptoms. 

Change from the Inside Out, Together, Together We aim to HEAL YOUR LIFE!

In the field of PSYCHO, NEURO, IMMUNOLOGY The focus is on exploring the evidence of the MIND BODY CONNECTION. I use Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Reiki & NLP techniques to heal your thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs & behaviours. To give you Control! So that you can just focus on living the life you want instead.

Change your mind set,

Change Your Life!

Become the best version of You!