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Stress Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Difficulties.  Hypnotherapy & NLP Techniques can help you push the      reset        button!  Getting you back in control of your life

Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Fears & Phobias, With the latest Hypnotherapeutic & Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques, we can work together to turn your life around.  This short term therapy plan has lasting results.  Work through your problems with an expert!

Our brain chemistry and the Fight or Flight response mechanism is the key to understanding what is going on in Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Fears & Phobias.  The conscious mind is a fairly recent creation in evolutionary timescales, before all we had was the subconscious mind, so it looks like we still might be working through perfecting the balance between the two. The conscious mind developed to give us intelligence.  The subconscious mind is running all the time maintaining our bodies and patterns and responses of our behaviour.  

This fight or flight response is there to protect us in times of imminent danger, Adrenalin is dumped into our system to prepare us to either fight or run for survival, but in today's world most of the time we are not in imminent danger or life threatening situations but our bodies still respond to stresses in the same way following the known response to any perceived threat.  

We face a different kind of threat to our well being in today's world, it may not be outrunning a sabre tooth tiger, but a perceived threat due to the pressure we place upon ourselves.  Our subconscious still recognises a threat to our well being and reacts as its programmed to do by readying us to run or fight.  

Today we have the intelligence to make a conscious choice to override our natural fight or flight actions but not the subconscious fail safe response -  the dump of adrenalin and other fight or flight responses.  Our conscious mind recognises that it would be inapropriate to fight or run in most situations but  the ever helpful subconscious mind  perceives we haven't noticed the danger and dumps more adrenalin into our system. This is bringing about symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Panic & Fear.  

Most of us would find it inappropriate in the work place, or most social situations to either sucker punch the cause of our stress, or run screaming from the building, but that is what our bodies have geared up to do.  Is it any wonder we are suffering from the effects of inbuilt defenses.  

If this cycle continues for a prolonged period we may suffer from related illnesses, or develop conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  Panic disorder or a multitude of related symptoms.  Our evolution hasn't caught up with the fast paced and stress filled world we live in yet.  So we need to find coping strategies to combat this distressing situation.

Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques are very effective in resetting the subconscious mind and its responses to a level much more inline with our way of life.  We all need a little stress, but too much for too long is harmful and can change our chemical & hormonal balance causing not only mental and emotional symptoms but physical effects too,  Stress is a factor in many illnesses.

Here at Dynamic State of Mind, our Nurse Practitioner will work with you to personalise a management plan.  Using a combination of, practical solutions, hypnotherapeutic techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Self Hypnosis training to Reset your responses to a level more appropriate for today's world. So that you can face the stresses and pressures of everyday life from a centred and calm baseline. 

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