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Symptom Management of Chronic Conditions, Illness of Disease​ 

Before booking your appointment for pain or symptom management you need a formal diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner.  Symptoms such as nausea, changes in function & Pain are the body's signal that something is wrong, and the cause should always be investigated, before considering hypnotherapy & NLP.

Chronic pain & symptoms such as nausea & fatigue have a significant impact on peoples lives.  Many also suffer secondary or reactive depression or anxiety, due to the effect of living with their symptoms. Illness, Disease, Pain and other symptoms can result in a marked reduction in function and is far reaching into all aspects of living, affecting relationships, work, social life and happiness.

Here at Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire your therapist Gail as an Independent Nurse Practitioner & 25 of NHS service has a great deal of experience working with people suffering acute & chronic conditions & pain.  Because these issues are so complex and affects multiple areas, the best management strategies address the mind and emotions in addition to the physical body and functionality. A holistic approach is required to get the results you want.

Coaching, hypnosis, NLP & nursing care for symptom & pain management

Effective Symptom & Pain management may require a referral to your GP by our Nurse Therapist, Gail Vickers.  Gail will work alongside any doctors recommendations and create a personalised treatment plan for you, It may involve a referral to physio therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionist or other multidisciplinary team members, or to liase with your current pain team. 

Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming are an effective part of your GET WELL management plan,  There is a great deal of research showing how these therapeutic techniques can help people to ameliorate their perception of pain, symptoms of illness & disease as well as alleviate mood and other emotional symptoms.  Here the aim is to give the client back a sense of control over their own bodies and lives. 

The possibilities of using our therapeutic techniques are too many to list, Hypnotherapy & NLP has been used successfully  for Post operative pain, Dental pain, Cancer related symptoms, Arthritis, Headaches,  Irritable Bowel symptoms, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Emotional pains, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and so much more.

There is no one size fits all plan, chronic issues will require a minimum of 4 sessions, dependent on the related symptoms that are also having an impact on your wellbeing and enjoyment of life. A holistic approach is best in the management of chronic illness & symptoms.  Treating the person as a whole including related issues such as sleep disturbance, anxiety or mood issues, self esteem and belief, even relationships, all have an effect on your symptom experience and if your goal is to hit the reset button and get you back to living your life well, then a more comprehensive approach is required. 

self hypnosis, nlp State changing & client expectations

Self Hypnosis, progressive relaxation, visualization  and other NLP techniques will be taught for chronic pain & symptoms of illness, in order to give the client the control and the techniques to control their own symptoms.  The effectiveness of managing chronic illness or pain and the associated issues is likely to be influenced by the clients expectations. The aim of  MANAGEMENT is to alleviate - to gain as great a reduction in the symptom occurrence or levels of pain as possible. Permanent & total pain or symptom relief may not be achievable for all, therefore it is important to have a realistic expectation before embarking on this management plan. 


One of the problems with chronic pain management is that the brain habituates to pain-killing drugs, so your body gets used to or immune to the drug, which then requires higher & higher doses.  Hypnosis works in a different way, causing the brain to stop responding to the Pain signals.

The management of chronic pain can be helped greatly by Hypnotherapy & NLP.  Psychological approaches such as hypnosis & pain relief have been well documented over the years.


Your body feels pain because it serves a useful purpose.  Pain is a signal from your body to your brain, telling it that something is wrong & causing it to take some sort of action to stop the pain & move away from possible danger.  


Chronic pain is a serious & debilitating.  If you suffer from ongoing pain then you should see your doctor as soon as possible to seek diagnosis & treatment if available.

Persistent pain can have a devastating effect.  You may feel tired, frustrated, irritable & often depressed, as well as anxious, stressed, fearful & worried.  


Hypnotherapy & NLP are very effective techniques for relieving generalised pain, migraine headaches, back pain, arthritis and much more.  We will work together to find a combination of techniques to alleiviate your symptoms. to get you back to living life your way!