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Hypnotherapy & NLP for weight management, including the Hypnotic Gastric Band in Wishaw 


Here at Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire, choose from The Ultimate 8 session Package or the Premium 121 plan! 

WHY do Diets often Fail? or only Work for a while?

Weigh loss is something that many people struggle with.  Finding the motivation to stay on a diet & work out plan can feel draining, that is why so many give up on Diets!  We usually rely on willpower to diet, but what most don't realise is that habit & emotions are much stronger than willpower & will win every time. That's why our Weight Management Sessions are so DIFFERENT!  

What makes my 8 session Ultimate Hypnotic Gastric Band Package Stand Out!

What if you could have all the benefits of having a gastric band, but without any of the risk involved in major surgery, nor the huge financial burden?


Gastric Band Hypnosis uses hypnotherapy to retrain your mind & convince your mind that you have had the gastric band fitted.  This leads you to feeling fuller, quicker, Helps to stop over eating much in the same way as the surgical band.  

At Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire we dot just offer the hypnotic gastric band! We look at lifestyle, eating habits & the root cause of your overeating.   We work together to find the emotional issues that have been holding you back or causing you to sabotage your weight loss efforts in the past.  We look at cravings & food addictions using techniques that can make even chocolate unappealing.  

We incorporate the feel good factors into your package, imagine having a natural desire for water & fresh natural, healthy foods, feeling excited about natural textures & colours in fruity snacks! Wake up ready & motivated to move more or exercise. Feel happier & more confident on the inside while your body is reshaping on the outside!

If you are really committed to losing weight, then This 8 session gastric band hypnotherapy package is a safe, risk free & cost effective alternative to surgery.

The Premium 121 Plan - Weight Management Through RESTORING your natural Metabolism & Appetite Drivers.

Today's 24 hour society and availability of food has encouraged us to ignore that natural instinct & appetite drivers. When we were born we instinctively knew how to recognise physical hunger & naturally knew when to stop when we had enough! 

With Hypnosis we can restore this body wisdom setting!

Here we do not prescribe a diet, but encourage simple healthy eating. Where you eat healthily, eat what you want, when you are hungry, stopping when you have had enough - With hypnotherapy we can re attune you to be aware of your inner body wisdom again.

We look at what issues under pin your weight issue!

This plan is Suitable for people who's FOOD ISSUE have emotional drivers.  We focus on resolving, firmly held learned beliefs about food & eating habits.  

We encourage you to ask "WHAT AM I FEEDING?  Am i physically hungry? or What emotion am i medicating with food?

Some people Stop eating when they feel out of sorts & others try to change how they feel with food!

Have you ever thought:- I cant eat, I have a knot in my stomach?  or I feel empty inside! I need to fill the hole!

With hypnotherapy we can help you to find new, healthy ways to find comfort other than food! We aim to re program inaccurate beliefs & learning, to reconnect you with your innate body wisdom! Encouraging a common sense approach to food & exercise. To help you with stress/distress and to find new ways of being good to yourself. 

Some of the common changes experienced by our clients are listed below!

  • Elimination of specific Foods - imagine thinking YUK! looking at the food you used to crave!
  • Reduce Food Volume intake - Feel satisfied with a healthy amount of food consumption, no more need or desire to over eat!
  • Steady Weight Changes - change your body shape at a healthy pace! for sustainable results!
  • Motivation to exercise & get fit -  Feel the desire to get up & going, to enjoy exercise and activity!
  • Feel Great, Look Great! ​-  Get into the clothes you want, Feel Gorgeous!
  • Be Free of Emotional Eating - Change the habits of a life time, No more stuffing your Emotions inside with food!  The process can sometimes require a look back in time to bring about the change today!

(Our Weight Management Philosophy aims to maintain Your Body Mass Index within recommended limits.  Referrals to other resources may be recommended such as a Doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer. Here we do not prescribe diets or eating plans. We advised that for free health check & weight monitoring you contact your GP). 

With our hypnotherapist & Neuro linguistic Programming services, You can finally find the answer you have been looking for.  Hypnotherapy Lanarkshire based at The Cerato Centre in Wishaw we offer Hypnotherapy & NLP for weight management. 

Lets Get You Looking Great & Feeling Fantastic!

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